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Seaweed Detox Soak

Seaweed Detox Soak


This is powerful stuff: from the substantial 16-ounce size, to the very intense fragrance to the incredible detoxing capabilities of several seaweeds!

In a tall clear glass jar with a waving frond of green seaweed on the clear label, the look of the contents is like wet, coarsely grained sand on a beach. Open the white jar lid and be prepared to be blown away with the intensity of the essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary.

The ingredients are: the three essential oils, unrefined French sea salt, kelp, dulse, bladderwrack, agar agar, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and rosemary Extract. The sea salts are actually crystallized kelp and with the addition of the other seaweeds, you have a potent means of detoxing, along with the healing and clearing properties of the other ingredients.
I filled the tub with steaming water and poured 1/3 of the jar in. The fragrance of peppermint was very strong and actually filled the whole house! From under the strong aroma, I could just detect the scent of kelp. With the other essential oils, the kelp had a fresh sea smell.

It was easy to soak in this mixture and I felt muscles relaxing. The water was soft and while I knew that the seaweed was soaking out impurities, I also felt that my skin was receiving benefits that seaweed is known for: potassium, iodine, minerals and trace minerals.

Seaweed soaks are recommended once a week for their skin rejuvenating properties and so the 16-ounce jar will give you three to four soaks. 100% natural, 100% vegetarian and with the words on the front ‘Pure enough to Eat’, you know that a weekly soak in this will not only make your whole house smell pepperminty fresh, but that it will also aid your body as well as your psyche.

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