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Sweet Sauce

Sweet Sauce
Sweet Sunshine


This smells almost like a rich ketchup but when you put of spoon of it in your mouth, it is MUCH more complex than ketchup: sweet, then spicy and then just a little kick of tongue tingling heat. Wow! This taste really evolves in layers! You literally taste sweet, then spice and then some heat; each sensation full, distinct and rich before the next taste layer kicks in.

The sauce is not as thick as ketchup and pours or spoons easily. For some reason I can’t seem to keep my spoon out of it! If you love sweet, you’ll love this sauce: not cloying or sticky, just addicting! There are some actual spices so that the texture is flecked and has some tiny chew surprises, and the aroma is sweet, spicy with just a hint of vinegar…almost like mouthwatering ketchup, but better!

So, pull out the French fries and use this like ketchup! Why not? You won’t be disappointed, and whether your fries are potato, sweet potato or any other root vegetable, we think you just might find yourself dipping them in this sauce rather than the ‘other’ red sauce. Now this is the perfect accompaniment to shrimp cocktail! Zing the shrimp up with a fresh squeeze of lemon and the contrast to the sweet heat will be glorious. Marinate and then grill some ribs and steaks in this and you’ll be licking your fingers…and the plate!

The ingredients in this 10.7-ounce jar are sugar, water, tomatoes, vinegar, corn syrup solids, ancho peppers, mustard seed, salt, molasses, onion, spices and natural flavors. If you like to grill and like sweet heat, then you’ll want several jars of this as you will be slathering this on everything. This is not too sweet, not too heavy: just right. So, pull out the chicken, ribs, steak, hamburgers…and be prepared to dip your grilled hot dogs in this too. Mild enough and sweet enough for kids, this sauce will disappear fast!

Think that we might be going overboard and that this is just a regular sauce? Well, out of hundreds and hundreds of entries in over 80 categories, THIS sauce won the coveted ‘Best Overall’ for 2008 at the Fiery Food Challenge plus the Golden Chile Award for 2008 in two categories: Table Sauce and Mild Hot Sauce. It also took home the Third Place Wing Sauce Award in the 2008 Golden Chile Competition, so, don’t just take our word for it, this yummy sweet heat sauce got the big thumbs up from panels of culinary expert judges in ‘blind’ taste testing’s.

You don’t have to put a blindfold on to appreciate this sauce….just try it and you won’t be able to keep your spoon out of it either!

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