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Grilled Polenta Bites

Jun. 30th 2014

A sneak peek from our Purely Summer Magazine! Coming soon… stay tuned for Grilled Polenta Bites, Crafting the Ultimate Acai Bowl, 6 Napa-Inspired Recipes, Make-Your-Own Mojito Bar, 3 giveaways + a surprise interview with an inspiring professional athlete.

To hold you over for now, check out our Purely Spring Magazine.

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Grilled Polenta Bites

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Why Cleanse? 4 Tips for Daily Detox

Jun. 25th 2014

By Julie Peláez and Jo Schaalman

It’s hard to believe that people change the oil in their cars more than they cleanse their bodies to keep them running better and longer. Your everyday aches and pains, sluggishness, allergies, breakouts, digestive woes, and anxiety bouts are all “check engine” lights going off and signaling it’s time for a tune-up.

Cleansing will help you feel better, sleep better, look better, and have more energy to perform better. The good news is that you don’t have to follow a fasting cleanse to benefit from a detox. Our bodies are designed to “always be cleansing.” At the Conscious Cleanse, we call this “doing your ABCs,” which means tuning into how food makes you feel so you eat in a way that supports your body’s well-oiled toxin-flushing, detoxifying machine.

Here are 4 easy tips for detoxing daily—without following a strict regimen or completely boring food existence. Just by following these healthy, sustainable habits, you’ll see a difference in how you feel immediately. And there will be a compound effect over time if you stick with it.

1. BE A GREEN MACHINE: Dark leafy greens are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. They’re alkalizing so they help our bodies balance acidic conditions caused by poor food choices and environmental toxins. Leafy greens improve our circulation and are high in fiber, which increases elimination, aka moving toxins out of the body. They also help keep our immune system strong. Try ‘em all: kale, arugula, romaine, Swiss chard, collard greens, and spinach in salads, lightly steamed, or in a green smoothie.

If you’re thinking “yuck,” hold on a sec. If you haven’t tried a green smoothie yet, it’s time to bust out your blender and discover how delicious they can be. Your favorite fruit like bananas, apples, pears, peaches, mangoes, or blueberries will add sweetness, fiber, and nutrients. Check out our green smoothie guide today and start experimenting yourself.

2. PASS ON NOT-SO-GOOD FOOD: Eat less sugar, processed foods, and alcohol, which create an acidic environment, compromise immunity, and lead to inflammation, which in turn, leads to many health problems. We know this can sound hard to do, but try keeping these foods off your plate for two weeks and see if you don’t notice a difference in how you feel after you add these foods back in. You may be surprised at how tired and moody sugar makes you feel.

3. DRINK MORE WATER WITH A TWIST. This is your secret weapon for daily detoxing and vibrant health. Your body needs water—half your body weight in ounces daily—to move toxins out and to thrive. Start the day withwarm lemon water (juice half a lemon into a quart of almost boiled warm water). Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning will gently wake up your digestive and lymphatic systems, which helps flush out toxins and improve elimination.

4. DITCH ALLERGENS: Did you know that many health challenges—weight gain, mood swings, PMS, depression, anxiety, irritability, headaches, skin issues, pain, brain fog, asthma … the list goes on—can be linked to the food you’re eating? To identify potential food sensitivities, eliminate the most common allergens: dairy, gluten, soy, and eggs. Look at foods that you crave and eat the most—they just might be the foods you’re most sensitive to. Keep these foods out of your diet for at least five days and then one by one slowly reintroduce them and watch for any of your common symptoms to re-appear.

You might be thinking, “If I don’t eat fill in the blank (cheese, bread, pasta), what will I eat?” Take one item at a time and focus on what you can add to your diet in place of these foods. Try homemade hummus with celery instead of cheese and crackers. Use a collard green to make a wrap instead of a tortilla. Find more detoxifying dishes in our book The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life in 14 Days. Or sign up for our weekly email updates and get our free e-cookbook for 10 fresh and fabulously simple detox recipes.

Nutrition Therapist Jo Schaalman and Certified Health Coach Julie Peláez are coauthors of The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life in 14 Days, a best-selling, step-by-step guide to feeling vibrant with a 14-daywhole foods-based cleanse that teaches you how to tune into your body. Learn more at consciouscleanse.com.

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/consciouscleanse

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Why Cleanse? 4 Tips for Daily Detox

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$1 Off At Target!

Jun. 24th 2014

Purely On Sale at Target for $1 OFF! Stock up on granola for summer berry parfaits, poolside snacking + ice cream toppings 6/22-6/28.

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$1 Off At Target!

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How to Heal from Candida, IBS, and Other Digestive Ailments

Jun. 18th 2014

Several years ago, I became severely disabled by toxic mold poisoning. Doctors were initially unable to help me because I didn’t find the mold in my house for months. Eventually, a doctor ran tests for my digestive complaints which led to one of my diagnoses: overgrowth of harmful intestinal bacteria, including Candida. I consulted with many doctors whose plans were largely ineffective, so I researched and implemented a healing protocol of my own. Two years later, I had the tests redone, confirming that I’d fully healed from the digestive problems on my own. Tailor my tips to your own healing plan, or give them to your health coach or doctor who will be better able to assist you in creating an amazing new you!

Tests: Straight to the point, testing gives you a clear picture of what you’re dealing with. Candida overgrowth is a common claim for ill health, but testing is important if you’re to know for certain. There’s no sense trying to fix a problem that isn’t there or missing one that really is there.

Elimination diet: If your life is exceptionally disrupted, you’ll need to follow a strict plan for weeks or months. If it’s a minor hindrance, try cutting out 1 or 2 foods (dairy and gluten are common offenders) that you suspect are the culprits. And listen up, vegans. No matter what anyone tells you, you can stay vegan during this phase. I did it, and any wise doctor, nutritionist, or health coach will know that you can, too.

FODMAPs: An acronym for Fermentable, Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides and Polyols, it is simply the categorization of foods based on the type of sugars present in them. Temporarily eliminating some or all foods with these sugars has been found to significantly soothe IBS and other digestive issues. During my elimination diet, I noticed that a hodge-podge of foods like pears, chickpeas, onions, cabbage, and coconut exacerbated my symptoms. I read about FODMAPs and realized that these sensitivities were not so random. Many specialists are unaware or unconvinced of the FODMAPs diet. In my opinion, this is the #1 missing link to healing digestive disorders.

General diet: Eat more vegetables, lightly steamed if you cannot handle raw, and fruits. Minimize difficult to digest foods. Legumes and beans are great if you can tolerate them. In the mornings, break your fast delicately by blending or juicing. Try a green smoothie – chew it so that your body begins to prepare for digestion – for instant energy, clarity, mood lift, and ease of digestion.

Digestive aids: Warm lemon water in the morning stimulates digestion, and digestive enzymes help at meal times. Depending on your specific problem, you may also find relief with: deglycyrrhizinated licorice, pure aloe vera, oregano oil, and lemon balm among many other herbs and supplements.

Restoration and balance: Take a high quality probiotic and eat probiotic-rich raw foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and coconut kefir to replenish the good bacteria in your gut.

Eating etiquette: Create a calm eating environment, chew well, express gratitude for your food, eat only until 80% full. Try a massage before meals, starting just below the right of your ribcage and rotating clockwise around the stomach.

Exercise and attitude/stress control: Exercise is great for getting the digestive juices moving as well as stretching and relaxing the body. Yoga is fantastic. Stay relaxed during meal times. Don’t force eating if you are upset.

Education: Read everything you can get your hands on. There will be different and conflicting opinions out there. Weed out the information that makes sense to you.

If you try and fail, know that you’re one step closer to finding the solution, and there is a solution. Believing that is a nonnegotiable component to healing. Believe that you can heal, feel it deep down in your soon-to-be healthy gut. I believe in you!

Marissa Podany is a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator who blogs at (RevelinginRaw.blogspot.com). She healed her severe digestive condition with a high-raw vegan diet and lifestyle modifications. She lives in Pittsburgh in an all-vegan household with her partner and their gregarious fur child. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.


How to Heal from Candida, IBS, and Other Digestive Ailments

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How to Fall in Line with Your Daily Ayurvedic Cycle

Jun. 17th 2014

Nature thrives on cycles based on its own internal rhythms, such as the annual cycle of the seasons and the harvests. When we observe nature, we find that the same cycles we see in the seasons appear in microcosm in the course of a single day. The more closely we can align our own circadian rhythms with the natural flow of the daily cycle, the more we will feel as if we are floating downstream instead of swimming upstream.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

How would you feel if you went to bed at midnight and woke up at 10:00am? Perhaps groggy, stiff or dull. What about if you went to bed at 8:00pm and woke up at 6:00am? Probably chipper! In both instances you would have slept the same amount – 10 hours – and the only difference is when you went to bed and when you woke up. The same principle applies not only for sleeping, but eating as well. When we follow nature’s rhythms, we invariably end up merrily rowing downstream. Muscles are also strongest in the morning, and it is the best time for vigorous exercise.

The Noon Meal

The hottest part of the day, when the sun is climbing to its zenith, is the summer time of the day and when the digestive fires are at their hottest. This is the ideal time to consume a meal large enough to provide fuel for the rest of the day. Try resting on your left side for 5-10 minutes after your meal to facilitate digestion.

Afternoon Brain Waves

In the four-hour period that follows lunch, the body is primed for heavy mental activity. The brain uses about 80 percent of the body’s glycogen, or energy supplies, during this time. If you ate too little at lunch, or at while driving, rushed or distracted, you may feel sleepy, listless or crave emergency fuel.


After the sun sets, digestion and cortisol levels go down, making it difficult to digest a large dinner. A smaller, supplemental (“supper”) meal is ideal around 6:00pm. If you are unable to exercise in the morning, the second best time to workout is after your supplemental meal at 6:00pm. Toward 10:00pm, the body begins to rest and relax as it gears down for sleep.

Night Crawlers

If you observe yourself for a few nights between 7:00 and 9:00pm, you will probably notice a pleasant drowsiness come over you. If you force yourself to stay up, you may get a burst of energy after 10:00pm that will keep you up into the wee hours. The purpose of increased metabolic activity during this time is to clean blood and repair damaged tissue. If you are awake, changing the world and having midnight snacks, you miss out on this crucial internal cleansing time. Internal cleansing can also be affected if your body is still trying to digest a large evening meal; resources slated for cleansing have to be diverted to digestion.


The very early morning between 2:00 and 6:00am is believed to be most conducive to prayer and meditation in many spiritual traditions, both Eastern and Western. A lightness and quickness characterizes this time; when you arise around 6:00am, you are likely to take on those characteristics, which will balance out the natural heaviness of morning.
Adapted from “The 3-Season Diet” by John Douillard

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How to Fall in Line with Your Daily Ayurvedic Cycle

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One-Of-A-Kind Summer Granola Mini Special

Jun. 11th 2014

Catch Us Live On QVC 4-6pm EST TODAY for a Summer Mini Special!

QVC is offering a one-of-a-kind deal today on a mixed case of our Ancient Grain Granola Minis! The timing couldn’t be more perfect because our minis might as well be made for summer. Whether you’re traveling, hiking, biking or camping, you can sneak a few of the 2oz pouches into your cooler, backpack, purse or lunch box!

Fun fact: Our mini bags double as a bowl! Pour milk straight into the bag, grab a spoon + enjoy.

Not at a TV? >> Live stream here.

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One-Of-A-Kind Summer Granola Mini Special

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Regram for a $200 Target Gift Card

Jun. 9th 2014

We couldn’t be more excited to see our Ancient Grain Granolas making their way onto Target shelves across the country. Target has been making a big push towards offering more natural and organic products and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!

To celebrate the launch, we’re hosting an Instagram regram contest for the grand prize of a $200 Target gift card. The contest is super easy to enter, simply: 

1. Follow @purely_elizabeth on Instagram

2. Regram this photo

3. Include #purelytarget

The contest runs through June 16th and we will be uploading several different photos to regram throughout the week. The more photos you regram, the better your chances of winning!

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Regram for a $200 Target Gift Card

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Jun. 6th 2014

We thought we’d make your gift buying for Father’s Day this year a little bit easier.. Here are some fun, out-of-the-box gifts that we think your dad will love!

Canvas Lunch Bag | Kaufmann Mercantile

Funny Card | Rifle Paper Co.

Headphones | Think Sound

Charger Case | My Charge

Golf Watch | Garmin

City Map Glasses | Uncommon Goods

Hemp Hand Cream | The Body Shop

Swim Suit | Faherty Brand

Mahogany Turntable | Crosley Radio

Suede Shoes | Oliberte

Grilling Sauces | Abes Market

Campfire Recipes | Shop Terrain

BallPark Blue Prints | Uncommon Goods

Cast Iron Fire Pit | Shop Terrain


Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola Now At Target

Jun. 4th 2014

Hey Purely Fans,

It is with great excitement, that we announce that our Ancient Grain Granolas will be available in Target stores nationwide beginning June 8th!

When I started Purely Elizabeth four years ago, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that our products would one day grace the shelves of such a huge retail chain. Today, I am pinching myself with this milestone.

Before launching Purely Elizabeth, I worked as a holistic nutrition counselor, helping clients to live better by changing their diet and lifestyle choices. When I began Purely Elizabeth, my vision for the company was simply an extension of that. I wanted to offer delicious, nutrient rich food alternatives and help change the way people eat and feel. So with the introduction of our products at Target stores nationwide, I am beyond thrilled to see my vision unfold on such a grand scale.

Read the full press release for more details.

Thank you for helping to make this all possible. We certainly couldn’t do it without you!


Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola Now At Target

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