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Feeling Down? Try These Mood-Boosting Foods

Mar. 16th 2015

Everyone gets down every once in a while. Sometimes simple pick me ups such as running or meditating can help you get out of a mood funk. But your diet plays a role in how you are feeling as well, after all, food affects your hormones by providing nutrients to your body to keep it stable. Making sure you have a balanced diet is essential to keeping you feeling good and providing you with energy to get you through the day. Here are the top foods to boost your mood and fight depression:

Flax seeds

Flax seeds provide omega-3 fatty acids, which have been known to be mood lifting and possibly help combat depression. Several studies have found that increasing the omega-3 fatty acids in your diet can aid in preventing major depression disorders. Flax seeds are also great for preventing heart disease – thanks to their inflammation fighting properties, which prevent plaque build up.

Getting omega-3s can be difficult if you don’t have fresh fish available to you, but there are many other sources you can get them from! A few of our favorites are peanut butter, oatmeal, flax seeds, walnuts, brussels sprouts and cauliflower.


Berries are considered one of the healthiest foods. There is nothing worse than letting stress get in your way, especially when you are feeling down. This can lead to an overwhelming spiral–exhausting you mentally and physically. Blueberries can help prevent the release of cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal gland during stressful situations, that travels to the hippocampus (a major portion of your brain) and provides emotional responses. Berries can help control and counter the effects of this hormone’s impact on your mood.

Berries are loaded with anthocyanidins, known to boost brain function and antioxidants, which promote brain and nervous system health. Berries are also low in sugar and calories, so pile them on!

Limit sugar intake

Keeping your blood sugar level steady is more important than you think. When your blood sugar gets low you are more prone to feeling depressed and irritable. This means that paying attention to what you are eating is essential to maintaining your glucose levels to keep you in a balanced state of mind. Sugar promotes inflammation in the body that is directly correlated to promoting depression and anxiety. It also interferes with the balance of hormones within the hippocampus because of the inflammation it promotes throughout the body. Furthermore, sugar creates spikes in your blood levels, promoting you to eat unhealthy and to make poor food choices more frequently. It becomes an addiction for quick pick-me-ups, but will not help your mood in the long-run. Choose healthy wholesome foods that will make you feel great. Try choosing a balanced meal with lean protein, vegetables and whole grains to control your blood sugar and prevent inflammation.

Folic Acid

Folate and vitamin B12 are important for mood control because low levels can lead to depression and other mental issues. Studies have shown that low blood levels of these vitamins are sometimes related to depression, although no one is exactly sure why. Some scientists believe that these vitamins are used by the body to create serotonin, one of the key neurotransmitters that help normalize mood. This vitamin is especially important for women and even more important during pregnancy. Some foods that provide folic acid are lentils, leafy greens, citrus, asparagus, kidney beans, oatmeal and broccoli.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are a great source of B vitamins, which are key nutrients for good moods. Research has shown that vitamin B6 deficiencies can lead to higher stress, irritability, tiredness and depression. By choosing whole grains, you can get your carb-comfort food fix–boosting your mood without derailing your diet. So, don’t eliminate all carbs — just make smart choices when choosing which carbs to put into your body. Limit sugary, unrefined carbs (such as cakes and cookies) and pick smart or “complex” carbs (such as whole grains), along with plenty of fruits, vegetables and legumes, which all contribute healthy carbs and fiber.

Find out what works for your body to ensure you are staying balanced. Don’t let your mood get in the way of your enjoying your day! Try changing your diet to promote a healthy lifestyle and most importantly a healthy better feeling you.

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Feeling Down? Try These Mood-Boosting Foods

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Smashed Avocado Toast

Mar. 6th 2015

…Smashed Avocado Toast…


Gluten free bread


Olive oil

Himalayan sea salt

Red pepper flakes


Slice the avocado in half; remove the flesh and place into a small bowl. Mash the avocado with a fork and spread onto the toasted bread. Sprinkle the avocado toast with red pepper flakes, salt and drizzle lightly with your best tasting olive oil.


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Smashed Avocado Toast

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A St. Paddy’s Day Soirée

Mar. 6th 2015

Happy St. Patricks day! It’s a day for wearing green, drinking your favorite beer and most importantly, making great food. We have a couple of mouth watering recipes that are perfect to enjoy with friends and family. From dips to dessert, these festive bites will get the party started; and don’t worry, there is green in everything!

Lucky Cucumber Coolers … 

… Kale Artichoke Dip …

Rainbow Rolls

Lastly, for dessert we have the perfect cupcake to celebrate with.

Irish Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Frosting

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A St. Paddy’s Day Soirée

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Blogs That We Could Eat! For Now We Will Just Read…

Mar. 5th 2015

While we have a personal love for blogging, we get just as much enjoyment reading through other people’s blogs. The thought, time and creativity that goes into blogs these days is truly astonishing and takes a wildly talented individual to execute. Not to mention, the jaw-dropping foods that these bloggers whip up! Thus, why we wanted to share with you 10 blogs that we could literally eat…

Mediterranean nachos loaded with fresh feta, tomatoes, olives and artichokes–so easy to make + so yummy! Thanks Kath Eats Real Food – we are loving the greek flavors in this one.

This cheesy slice is making our mouth water…A creamy and light frittata made with kale and vegan cheese. Well done Gluten Free Goddess!

A decadently creamy pasta, made with pumpkin and sage. AvocadoPesto uses coconut milk instead of heavy dairy to make this dish both gluten-free + vegan. 

A great way to get in your greens AND fiber! Juicy fresh figs and avocado in a vibrant salad from Healthlove and Chocolate.

Could these get any better? Soft gluten-free pretzel bites filled with the goodness of peanut butter and hazelnut. Gluten-free has never looked so delicious thanks Gluten Free on a Shoestring.

It may be a little chilly out, but these popsicles are too good to not enjoy for dessert! Mango coconut popsicles made with simple ingredients + free of added sugar via pineapple and coconut.

A one pot wonder from Foodness gracious! Hot and zesty Shrimp Orzo — perfect for enjoying around a table of friends on a cold winter’s night.

Easy Pesto Asparagus Quinoa is a healthy flavorful dish topped with cheesy perfection. This oven roasted meal by Oh, Sweet Basil won best Spring Casserole in 2014 and for good reason! 

The perfect recipe for those who cannot choose between avocado and hummus! Vegan Family Recipes has endless healthy meal ideas for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

Gluten and dairy-free Blueberry Oat Waffle French Toast–the ultimate breakfast to wake up to on a Sunday morning! Edible Perspective has recipes for every dietary restriction. 

Taken from – 

Blogs That We Could Eat! For Now We Will Just Read…

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Pledge for a Healthier Food System

Mar. 4th 2015

Every time we eat, we have a chance to make a difference. Know what’s going in your mouth! Say yes to more history, less mystery. The 1% for the Planet pledge is LIVE, thanks to our friends at takepart.com. Help us reach our goal of at least 5,000 signatures.

Meet the leaders at the forefront of changing the way food gets produced, distributed, and consumed.

Here at purely elizabeth, we donate 1% of sales to preserve the health of our environment and to provide for future generations. We support Rodale Institute, the pioneer in the organic food movement, in their groundbreaking research in organic agriculture, advocating for policies that support farmers and educating people about how organic is the safest, healthiest option for people and the planet.

If you eat food, learn more about why you should care at onepercentfortheplanet.org/food.

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Pledge for a Healthier Food System

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