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Amaranth Sweet Potato and Swiss Chard Fritters

Feb. 27th 2015

…Amaranth Sweet Potato and Swiss Chard Fritters…


2 cups sweet potato puree (or sub squash/pumpkin)

2 cups amaranth, cooked

2 cups swiss chard, chopped

2 eggs

1/3 cup purely Elizabeth original oatmeal

1 tsp garlic powder

Coconut oil (as needed for frying- roughly 2-3 tbsp)


In a large bowl, add all ingredients and combine well. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium to high heat. Scoop out ¼ cup patties and place on skillet. Cook for 3-5 minutes per side. Serve

See the original article here:  

Amaranth Sweet Potato and Swiss Chard Fritters

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Losing Weight the Right Way

Feb. 27th 2015

Today, tips and tricks to loose weight are seen everywhere. We can’t pick up a magazine or get through a set of commercials on TV without some solution to dealing with weight! But, shedding off the pounds shouldn’t mean eating less or restricting yourself from foods you love. At Purely Elizabeth, we believe that you are what you eat. This means feeding your body with wholesome pure ingredients and treating your body with what it needs, such as whole grains and vegetables.

We want you to feel good about your body and the food you are putting in it everyday, which is why we strive to make products that are packed with nutrition that taste amazing. Forget the scale and start eating right! If you want to change your weight, consider some of the reasons that might be preventing you from accomplishing your goals. Some common reasons why you aren’t losing weight:

1. Calorie restriction

This is a dangerous way to loose weight and a trend that needs to stop today.Your body needs calories to function! Start focusing on nutrient dense food that will make you feel great and keep you full for longer. Set realistic goals for yourself, this means not trying to loose 20 pounds in two months, you must consider your metabolic rate before taking extreme measures. Everyone’s body functions differently, which means finding out what works for you and not what you saw on TV.

Nutrient-Rich Foods to Include in Your Daily Diet:

Almost all vegetables: especially dark leafy greens and bright colored ones; kale, swiss card, carrots, sweet potatoes and beets

This is the lowest calorie way to get you daily vitamin and minerals you need. Vegetables are basically zero calories because your body uses almost the same amount of calories to digest them. Eat as many vegetables as you can! 

Fruits: avocados, blueberries, bananas, peaches, papaya and mangos

Some fruits are high in sugar so try choosing lower sugar fruits like berries and avocados. While this sugar is different than refined sugar, too much can lead to weight gain and also spike your insulin levels. 

Beans: black, black-eyed, butter, lentils, kidney, soy and so many others!

These have really high protein content and fiber so they’ll keep you full for a really long time. Beans are also packed with minerals, essential for various body functions. 

Almost every type of nut: almond, cashew, peanut, pine, sunflower and pistachio

These are healthy fats and help you stay full for longer because of their high protein content. These are great snacks for in between classes or while sitting at your desk. We recommend a handful of nuts or two spoonfuls of nut butter a day. 

Whole grains: amaranth, quinoa, oats, millet, brown rice… the list goes on 

Great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Whole grains are great for your body by providing energy to last throughout the day.

2. Believing that all calories ARE created equal

Eating a cookie that is 120 calories is not the same as eating a large banana for 120 calories. Junk food will leave you hungry sooner than you think with cravings for quick sugars, instead of good healthy food. Though this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cookie every once in a while! Don’t tell yourself you can’t eat something because it’s bad for you, just keep junk food or your secret cravings to a minimum. Try making deserts that are free from refined sugars and provide some nutritional benefit, such as dark chocolate and chia pudding. It will satisfy your craving but not deter you away from your goals. The key is balance in your diet, which will keep you away from binges. Listen to your body and what it needs.

3. Eliminating fats from your diet. Not including good fats in your diet.

Your body needs fat to function. It is recommended that you consume 20%-30% of your daily calories from fat. Restricting your fat intake can lead to poor vitamin absorption, depression, heart problems, high cholesterol and overeating. Most vitamins are fat soluble, meaning they need fat to use them! How can eating less fat be problematic for your heart though? We always hear that low fat diets will prevent heart disease. This is true, but by restricting fats from your diet it will lower your good cholesterol (HDL) and prevents it from being able to eliminate the bag cholesterol from your blood . All fats aren’t the same – there are good fats and bad fats, so keep this in mind when picking out your food. Some good fats include, nuts, salmon, olive oil and avocados. Everything should be consumed in moderation, so consider keeping track of your fat until you get a good idea of how much you should be consuming everyday.

4. Skipping breakfast

We love breakfast, so skipping it isn’t an option at purely elizabeth. Not only is it because we cant get enough of our oats and granola, but also because skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism by putting your body in a fasting state. When you finally decide to eat breakfast mid-day, you are super hungry, not just a little bit (we’ve all been there)! Your body will crave the quick sugars and fats leading you to pick unhealthy options and too much of it.

5. Not getting enough sleep

How can this be contributing to your weight? Sleep is essential for your body because it helps control your metabolism. Loss of sleep can lead to a dangerous cycle of eating quick energy foods to help you wake up, not exercising and being lethargic. Sometimes going on a walk or going to the gym tired is the best time to work out. Being sleep deprived also messes up your hormonal imbalance of Ghrelin and Leptin (they control your hunger). When you are lacking Zs it signals to your body that you are hungry (even if you actually aren’t) and doesn’t tell you to stop eating.

6. Still caught in atkins world. You need the right carbohydrates in your diet (high glyvemic load and high in vitamins, nutrients, fiber)

Eliminating carbs is extremely dangerous because your body needs fiber and energy. By not eating carbs your body can go into ketosis, your body is now breaking down fat leading to the production of ketone bodies. This can cause you to binge and make you sick.

7. Ignoring how you eat (are you relaxed, eating slowing, actually chewing your food?)

If you don’t pay attention when you are eating, you are more likely to over eat. Food is delicious! Don’t eat mindlessly–pay attention to every bite you are consuming, while appreciating and enjoying it. If you take the time to chew your food you are more likely to know when you are full because your body takes some time to get the signals from your stomach that it is full. When you scarf down a ton of food, your body hasn’t yet processed how much you have eaten, leaving you feeling sick or uncomfortable when it figures it out. Enjoy your food, which means taking the time to sit down and have a meal.

Overall, changing your diet has endless health benefits, including weight loss. Once you change the way you eat, you will notice a change in the way you feel. At purely we think you are beautiful the way you are and shouldn’t focus on the scale, instead focus on eating right everyday (weight loss will only be an added perk). Ask yourself, what can I add to this meal to make it healthier? When making a salad, this can mean adding some spinach or sprinkling on some hemp seeds for extra nutrients. You can eat as much as you want! If you are eating foods that are healthy and whole, forget counting calories.


Losing Weight the Right Way

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Grab a Spoon And a Fork because it’s Italian Night! Healthy Pizza, Pasta + More

Feb. 26th 2015

What makes Italian food so close to heart? We can all admit that pizza and pasta are some of our favorite dishes to share with friends and family. What makes this food so special isn’t just the amazing taste, but the quality and care that goes into making intricate sauces and complex flavors. Baked, sautéed or simmered, we complied our favorite dishes from a slew of talented bloggers who have a flair for Italian cooking.There is something so satisfying about a hearty warm dish during the winter, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy. These 10 dishes offer that hearty, satisfying taste with a healthy spin. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

by: Taylor Kiser

Spaghetti Squash Primavera

A classic Italian dish that’s loaded with light-weight veggies! FoodFaithFitness features delicious recipes, stunning photography and essential advice for encouraging faith + fitness.

by: Bree Hester 


A delicious, hearty dish–Braciole uses a combination of two cheeses and white wine to create its savory baked sauce. BakedBree offers meal ideas for any occasion, we could scroll through for hours!

by: Victoria Berman

Pasta With Creamy Cherry Tomato Sauce and Ham

A gluten and dairy-free option–this pasta is covered with a creamy cherry tomato sauce and topped with sautéed crispy ham creating a colorful, flavor-packed dish! Using coconut milk to create the thick, creamy texture–Avocado Pesto is right up our ally!

by: Dorit Jaffe

Tomato Soup

A rustic tomato soup that is made with fresh tomatoes, carrots and onions. Whole Healthy Glow has a beautiful blog filled with great meal ideas for any time of the day. She believes that being healthy encompasses a physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental state of well being.

by: Anjali Shah

Homemade Whole Wheat Pita Pizza

An easy, vibrant dish, made with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. This whole wheat pita pizza is an easy go-to meal for The Picky Eater, who inspires readers to try healthy alternatives that still taste amazing! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

by: Elizabeth Stein

Mushroom Ravioli in Tomato Sauce Spoon 

A gluten free Mushroom Ravioli with tomato sauce is a simple dish that can be served before dinner. It has a cashew filling that is creamy and packed full of flavor. Elizabeth focuses mostly on gluten-free and vegan options.

By: Jess Pelasky

Italian Sausage with Peppers Pasta 

Jess loves pasta, so you know she takes her Italian dishes seriously! This pasta is perfectly paired with sausage and peppers to creates a wholesome hearty dish that is packed with flavor. Her blog is filling with ton of meal ideas that will always leave you wanting more!

by: Heather 

Paleo Pizza Sticks

Is there anything better than pizza sticks? Especially ones that aren’t from Domino’s or Papa John’s?? These Paleo Pizza sticks from Multiply Delicious hit the spot and are perfect to make with the family. Check out Multiply Delicious for advice and even has meal plans to help with paleo eating.

by: Brittany Mullins

Skinny Tofu Zucchini Lasagna 

Skinny Tofu Zucchini Lasagna is packed with protein and wholesome ingredients. This bubbly pot of goodness is an easy way to enjoy comfort food without the guilt. EatingBirdFood has great advice for finding balance in your diet and making recipes you’ll love eating.

by: Sunnie Heers

Spaghetti Squash with Homemade Vegan Vodka Sauce

This is a delicious vegan dish made with cashews and peas. It is so creamy, but soo good for you! Modern Girl Nutrition is all about balance and learning to eat without counting the calories.

Original article:  

Grab a Spoon And a Fork because it’s Italian Night! Healthy Pizza, Pasta + More

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Kale Salad With Golden Raisins, Pistachios, Hemp Seeds And Tahini Dressing

Feb. 20th 2015

…Kale Salad With Golden Raisins, Pistachios, Hemp Seeds and Tahini Dressing…


2 bunches of lactino kale, finely shredded

¼ cup golden raisins

¼ cup pistachios

¼ cup hemp seeds


⅓ cup tahini paste

1 garlic clove, minced

1 lemon, juice

1 tbsp. mellow yellow miso paste

⅓ cup water

Pinch of Himalayan sea salt


Make the dressing by missing in a high-speed blender or simply pouring into a mason jar and shaking vigorously to combine. In a large bowl add salad ingredients. Toss with dressing and serve with hemp seeds on top.

See the original post:

Kale Salad With Golden Raisins, Pistachios, Hemp Seeds And Tahini Dressing

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Creamy Mushroom Soup

Feb. 20th 2015

…Creamy Mushroom Soup…


1 tbsp olive oil

1 large shallot, finely chopped

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 lb shitake mushrooms

1 lb Portobello mushrooms

3 cups of vegetable broth

1 can coconut milk

Truffle Sea Salt to taste

Pine nuts


In a pot over medium heat, add olive oil, garlic and shallots. Sauté for 3-5 minutes or until fragrant. Add mushrooms and continue to sauté for 20-30 minutes on low to medium heat. Add broth and cream of the coconut milk, discarding the coconut liquid. Using an immersion blender, blend until smooth.  Continue to cook on low for 10 minutes.  Add truffle salt to taste and top with pine nuts.

See original article: 

Creamy Mushroom Soup

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Crispy Rice With Spicy Tuna And Avocado

Feb. 13th 2015

…Crispy Rice With Spicy Tuna And Avocado…


2 cups sushi rice

2 tbsp rice vinegar

2 tbsp coconut sugar

1/2 cup soy sauce (for the rice cakes)

2 tbsp toasted sesame oil (for cooking rice cakes)

Spicy Tuna

½ lb sushi-grade ahi tuna, cut into small cubes

½ tsp toasted sesame oil

1 tbsp siracha

1 tbsp Vegenaise

Sliced jalapeno

Avocado Topping

1 avocado, mashed

1 tsp toasted sesame oil

2 tsp tamari

Sesame seeds


Cook the cook according to packaging directions. Combine rice vinegar and coconut sugar in a large bowl. Set aside.

Meanwhile make toppings

Spicy Tuna: In a bowl, combine diced tuna, sesame oil, veganaise and siracha.

Avocado Sesame: In a bowl, combine mashed avocado, sesame oil and tamari.

When rice has cooled form into tight compact patties. In a large sauté pan, heat oil over medium to high heat. Add rice patties in batches, cooking until golden brown, 2-3 minutes per side. Top with spicy tuna and jalapeno or avocado and sesame seed topping. Serve with tamari.

Excerpt from: 

Crispy Rice With Spicy Tuna And Avocado

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Mushroom Ravioli In Tomato Sauce Spoon

Feb. 13th 2015

…Mushroom Ravioli In Tomato Sauce Spoon…

Ravioli Ingredients

140g arrowroot starch

85g tapioca flour

65g sprouted brown rice flour

40g almond flour

1 tbsp xantham gum

4 eggs

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp water

1 jar of tomato sauce

Mushroom Cashew Filling

2 tbsp olive oil

8 oz Portobello mushrooms

2 cloves garlic, minced

¼ cup chopped yellow onion

Himalayan sea salt to taste

1 cup cashews, soaked in water for at least 4 hours

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

1 lemon, juiced


In the bowl of a Kitchen Aid mixer, mix dry ingredients together using the flat beater. Add eggs, water and olive oil and mix on low speed for 3-4 minutes. Cut the dough into 6 balls. Place the rest of the dough in plastic wrap when not using so dough doesn’t harden. Using a rolling pin coated in flour, roll each ball into rectangles thin enough to go through pasta roller. Put the dough through the pasta roller, and then cut with ravioli cutter.

In a large sauté pan add 1 tbsp olive oil over medium heat. Add onion and garlic and sauté for 3-5 minutes. Add mushrooms and cook, stirring frequently for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, In a high speed blender add drained cashews, 1 tbsp olive oil, nutrition yeast and lemon juice. Blend until smooth. Add 1 tbsp at a time of water if necessary to reach desired consistency. Add the mushroom mixture and pulse a few times to combine. Fill the ravioli, placing a dollop of filling on the pasta, brush water or egg on the edges of the dough, place a layer of pasta on top and press edges together.

In a large pot, bring water to a boil. Cook the pasta for 3-5 minutes. Drain and set aside. Pour tomato sauce in pot and heat. Add in ravioli, coat with sauce and serve.

View this article: 

Mushroom Ravioli In Tomato Sauce Spoon

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Ingredient Spotlight: Amaranth

Feb. 11th 2015

While quinoa was considered sacred to the Incas, amaranth was the revered grain for the Aztecs — valued greatly for its high nutritional value and ability to thrive in poor soil.

What exactly is amaranth? Amaranth is a member of the Chenopodiaceae family of plants. This grain is a relative of beets, Swiss chard, spinach, and quinoa. For this reason, some of its nutritional characteristics are more like these dark green leafy vegetables than the cereal grain. Like quinoa and millet, amaranth is not technically a grain, but because it is enjoyed in meals like other true grains, it is usually referred to as such.

What does it taste like? Amaranth has a porridge-like texture with a mild nutty taste. It is completely gluten-free and is said to be easily digestible for people recovering from illnesses or cleanses. It is also a great source of plant protein!

What does it look like? Amaranth comes from a tall bushy plant. The seeds at the top of the plant are the grains made into the amaranth cereal and flour.


Why is it special? Amaranth contains more essential amino acids than any other plant source–specifically the amino acids lysine and methionine, which are not produced in other cereal grains in such great quantities. It’s also a great source of calcium, containing four times as much as wheat, and is second only to quinoa as a plant-based iron source. To top it all off, amaranth is the only grain to include vitamin C and is remarkably high in protein!

How to get in your daily dose? You can cook amaranth on the stove for about 20 minutes for a porridge-like consistency or you can pop amaranth in a pot on the stove to make amaranth puffs (like in our granola)! Amaranth can be used in a wide variety of recipes for both breakfast and dinner, such as cereals, pilafs, soups and veggie burgers. One of our favorites is Elizabeth’s Amaranth Sweet Potato + Swiss Chard Fritters.

For a quick and convenient dose of amaranth, eat a bowl of purely elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola or Oatmeal–you can find the power grain in almost all of our products!


Ingredient Spotlight: Amaranth

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Millet Beet Black Bean Burgers

Feb. 10th 2015

…Millet Beet Black Bean Burgers…


3 large red beets

1 cup millet, cooked

1 tbsp olive oil

1 yellow onion, diced

3 cloves garlic, minced

2 tablespoons cider vinegar

1/4 cup purely Elizabeth original oatmeal

1 can black beans, rinsed and drained

1/4 cup barbeque sauce – such as Stubbs

1 large egg (optional for non-vegan burgers)



Organic Cheese – http://www.rumianocheese.com/our-cheese/organic

Kimchi – http://ozuke.com/product/kim-chi/

Bread Srsly Rolls – http://www.breadsrsly.com/store/16-pack-sourdough-rolls-gluten-free-and-gum-free


Heat the oven to 400°F. Wrap the beets in aluminum foil and roast for 50 to 60 minutes. Set aside.

In a large skillet, heat olive oil to medium heat. Add onion and garlic and sauté for 10 minutes. Set aside. Meanwhile, in a food processor add beans and oatmeal and pulse. Set aside in a large bowl. Add peeled beets to food processor and process until smooth. Pour beets into black bean and oatmeal mixture. Add millet, onions, bbq sauce and egg. Mix well. Refrigerate the mixture. Form into patties and cook on an olive oil lined large skillet over medium heat. Cook for 3-5 minutes per side. Serve with a slice of organic cheese and kimchi on top.

Link to original:

Millet Beet Black Bean Burgers

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Chickpea, Tomato and Kaniwa Soup

Feb. 10th 2015

…Chickpea, Tomato and Kaniwa Soup…


1 tbsp olive oil

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 onion, chopped

¼ tsp cumin

¼ tsp smoked paprika

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 cup kaniwa, cooked

1 cup vegetable stock

2 tbsp tomato paste

1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed

28 oz can chopped tomatoes

Himalayan sea salt to taste


Heat olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add garlic cloves and spices and sauté until fragrant, 2-3 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 25 minutes. Serve


Chickpea, Tomato and Kaniwa Soup

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